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AJHP Voices is AJHP’s popular podcast and on-demand audio interview series, which includes discussions on contemporary practice issues and interviews with AJHP authors. The series focuses on impactful, relevant, and cutting-edge professional and scientific content that drives optimal medication use and health outcomes. AJHP is the official journal of ASHP.

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February 6, 2017 | Recorded January 30, 2017

Providing Healthcare to Transgender Persons

William Zellmer talks with Tari Hanneman and AJHP authors Asa Radix, Jennifer Cocohoba, and Jessica Conklin about issues related to providing healthcare for transgender persons.

December 27, 2016 | Recorded November 16, 2016

Layered Learning Practice Model

William Zellmer speaks with Nicole Pinelli about lessons learned from implementation of the layered learning practice model. The model involves clinical education and experiential education of pharmacy students and residents in both acute and ambulatory care setting, and all clinical specialty areas.

November 9, 2016 | Recorded November 4, 2016

Conversation with a Coordinating Center Pharmacy

William Zellmer talks with two authors, Janet Mighty (top) and Jihyun Esther Jeon (bottom), about the responsibilities of a coordinating center pharmacy in an academic medical center. The discussion touches on the services provided by the pharmacy during the CLEAR III clinical trial.

August 31, 2016 | Recorded August 26, 2016

Healthcare metrics: Where do pharmacists add value?

Pamela Hsieh talks with two authors, Jannet Carmichael (pictured) and Anne Nguyen, about the goals of healthcare metrics. The discussion touches on defining outcomes and the place of pharmacists in improving quality of patient care.

August 15, 2016 | Recorded July 11, 2016

Highlights from 2015 ASHP National Survey

William Zellmer talks with Douglas Scheckelhoff about findings from the 2015 ASHP National Survey: Patient Monitoring and Education. Some of the findings that are discussed include medication therapy monitoring, changes in numbers of pharmacists who practice in patient care areas, and the evolving roles of pharmacy technicians, among other things.

August 1, 2016 | Recorded May 12, 2016

Data, Technology, and Patient Empowerment

William Zellmer talks with two authors, Kevin Marvin (top) and Edward Li (bottom), about recommendations from the 2016 Pharmacy Forecast Report. The discussion touches on the importance of capturing real-time healthcare data and promoting patient empowerment.

July 15, 2016 | Recorded July 5, 2016

Acetaminophen Dose Monitoring in Inpatient Settings

William Zellmer speaks with Christina Myers (top) and Leigh Ann Milburn (bottom) about recommendations from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs regarding dose accumulation monitoring for acetaminophen in the inpatient setting (in August 1, 2016, issue of AJHP).

June 2016 | Recorded April 11, 2016

2016 Pharmacy Forecast Report

Pamela Phelps and Cynthia Williams discuss with William Zellmer, Contributing Editor for AJHP, recommendations from the 2016 Pharmacy Forecast Report.

May 2016

Risk factors for errors in automated i.v. compounding

Authors Alex Lin and John Hingl discuss with William Zellmer, Contributing Editor for AJHP, the errors associated with automated compounding of i.v. medications at a pediatric hospital. (June 15, 2016, issue of AJHP).

Apr. 2016

Trends in drug expenditures and projections for 2016

William Zellmer interviews Glen Schumock and Michelle Wiest, coauthors of "National trends in prescription drug expenditures and projections for 2016" (in July 15, 2016, issue of AJHP).

March 23, 2016 | Recorded 02/11/2016

Selecting drug–drug interactions for clinical decision support

Zellmer interviews Daniel Malone, coauthor of Recommendations for selecting drug-drug interactions for clinical decision support (in April 15, 2016, issue of AJHP).

February 18, 2016 | Recorded 01/10/2016

Survey of emergency pharmacy practice in U.S.

William Zellmer interviews Michael Thomas and Asad Patanwala, co-authors, A National Survey of Emergency Pharmacy Practice in the United States (in March 15, 2016, issue of AJHP).

Jan. 2016

Pharmacy Forecast 2016

Enhancing Continuity and Reducing Fragmentation in Patient Care: Recommendations from Pharmacy Forecast 2016. William Zellmer interviews Rita Shane, Scott Knoer, and Lee Vermeulen.

November 14, 2015 | Recorded 09/30/2015

Pharmacist role in reducing sepsis-related mortality

William Zellmer interviews James R. Beardsley, lead author, "Pharmacist involvement in a multidisciplinary initiative to reduce sepsis-related mortality" (in February 1, 2016, issue of AJHP).

Oct 15, 2015 | Recorded 10/03/2015

A Pharmacy Student Research Program

Milena McLaughlin describes her experience with involving pharmacy students in research at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. McLaughlin is lead author of "Development of a pharmacy student research program at a large academic medical center," which appears in the November 1, 2015, issue of AJHP.

Sep. 2015

Reducing Frequency of Severe Hypoglycemia

William Zellmer speaks with Paul Milligan about the approach taken in a large healthcare system to reduce the frequency of severe hypoglycemia. (in October 1, 2015, issue of AJHP)

Aug. 2015

Frequency and Risk of Medication Errors

William Zellmer interviews Christy Gorbach and Kevin Garey, coauthors of Frequency of and risk factors for medication errors by pharmacists during order verification in a tertiary care medical center (in September 1, 2015, issue of AJHP)

Jun. 2015

Sterile Compounding Risks

Respecting the risks of sterile compounding. Guy Hasegawa, Senior Editor of AJHP, interviews author Ross Thompson. (in August 1, 2015, issue of AJHP)

Apr. 2015

ASHP National Survey

William Zellmer interviews Douglas Scheckelhoff, one of the authors of ASHP national survey of pharmacy practice in hospital settings: Dispensing and administration–2014 (in July 1, 2015, issue of AJHP)

Apr. 2015

Traumatic Injury Massive Transfusion Protocol

Addition of tranexamic acid to a traumatic injury massive transfusion protocol in June 15, 2015, issue of AJHP. Paul Huiras discusses with Pamela Hsieh how tranexamic acid was added to a traumatic injury massive transfusion protocol.

May 2015

AJHP Residents Publication

"Pharmacy leaders of tomorrow shaping practice today" (June 1, 2015, issue of AJHP). Bryan McCarthy and David Reardon, founders of the Journal of Health-System Pharmacy Residents and current contributing editors for AJHP Residents Edition, speak with William Zellmer.

Jan. 2015

Integrating Ambulatory Care Centers into Oncology Network

Authors Susan Skledar and Andrew Doedyns discuss with Pamela Hsieh, Assistant Editor for AJHP, how nineteen ambulatory care centers were integrated into the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center oncology network in compliance with regulatory and quality standards. The article under discussion appears in the January 15, 2015, issue of AJHP.

Dec. 2014

Enhancing the Role of Pharmacy Technicians

Updated Jan. 205 - Douglas Scheckelhoff and Janet Silvester talk with William Zellmer regarding recent developments related to enhancing the role of pharmacy technicians.

Dec. 2014

C. Richard Talley Retires

William Zellmer talks with C. Richard Talley, retiring Editor in Chief of AJHP, regarding key changes he has observed in biomedical publishing during his 37 years of service to ASHP and his hopes for the future of AJHP.

Oct. 2014

The Creation of CPPA

Lynnae Mahaney, Executive Director of the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA), discusses with William Zellmer, Contributing Editor for AJHP, the driving force behind the creation of CPPA and its primary areas of focus. (October 15, 2014, issue of AJHP).

Oct. 2014

Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative

Interview with Dr. Evelyn Handel and Dr. Morgan Smith, co-authors of Implementation of the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative within comprehensive cancer centers (in October 1, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors Evelyn Handel and Morgan Smith speak with William Zellmer.

Sep. 2014

Readmissions to Emergency Department

Effects of a hospitalwide pharmacy practice model change on readmission and return to emergency department rates (September 1, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors Sammuel Anderegg and Samaneh Wilkinson speak with William Zellmer.

Jul. 2014

Scope of Practice in California

California's New Law That Expands Pharmacy's Scope of Practice. Daniel Robinson speaks with William Zellmer.

May 2014

Antimicrobial Stewardship First-year Results

"Implementation and first-year results of an antimicrobial stewardship program at a community hospital” (June 1, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors James Bartlett and Patricia Siola speak with William Zellmer.

Apr. 2014

Survey: Pharmacy-based Transition-of-care Activities

Variations in pharmacy-based transition-of-care activities in the United States: A national survey” (April 15, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors Nadia Haque and David Chen speak with William Zellmer.

Apr. 2014

Impact of Shortages on Patient Care

Impact of shortages of injectable oncology drugs on patient care (April 1, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors Jennifer Goldsack and Cynthia Reilly speak with William Zellmer.

Mar. 2014

he Institute for Safe Medication Practices

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices' activities and achievements and their impact on improving patient safety. Michael Cohen speaks with William Zellmer.

Mar. 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Management

Integrated clinical and specialty pharmacy practice model for management of patients with multiple sclerosis (in March 15, 2014, issue of AJHP). Author Rebekah Hanson speaks with William Zellmer.

Feb. 2014

Pharmacy Residency Program Selection Process

Incorporating multiple mini interviews in the postgraduate year 1 pharmacy residency program selection process (February 15, 2014, issue of AJHP). Authors Douglas Oyler and Aaron Cook speak with William Zellmer.